Arctic Lights – Svalbard Expedition

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Arctic Lights webisode 2 is here and it’s all about exploration in far north.

Svalbard Expedition

I always want to extend my season. Mainly because in the spring there is lot opportunities to take my snowboarding forward, especially in mountains. For a long time, I have had a dream to go on a sea voyage to the west coast of Svalbard. Finally, last spring this dream came true.
Together with fellow pro rider Roope Tonteri, we set the course to travel far up north while making brief stops to ride perfect spring snow in terrain where no one has left tracks before.

For me, this trip was not only about snowboarding. Before going to Svalbard I heard from
locals about the constant change of nature in the Arctic and I really wanted to go and see it with my own eyes. I realize that it is impossible to see these changes in one trip but when I combined my own experience with the stories I heard it really made me think about my own actions as a professional snowboarder.

This expedition in Svalbard was an eye opener & reminder that every move you make can be the step towards the right direction. Its not all about getting to the peak. Its the steps you take towards it.

Enjoy the mini documentary and let me know what you think about!

Huge thanks to Neste for believing my ideas and giving me a chance to go explore this part of the north.

In case you’re wondering how to go an trip like this I recommend getting in touch with Arctic Guides. They are the best of the best when it comes to expeditions in Arctic.

If you like what me and my crew are doing I believe you’re gonna love our latest & biggest film production Arctic Lights Documentary. Film will available November 29th and you can already pre-order it here:

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  1. Yrjö AuttiNovember 24, 2017   

    Kaksi tupla maailmanmestaria puuterilla. Hieno jutt

    • antti auttiJanuary 06, 2018   

      EI Ihan ollut puuteria tuolla, kun oli jo niin kevät, mutta pehmeää kuitenkin!

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