Arctic Lights – Endless Playground

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Here we go. Im so happy to finally release first Arctic Lights webisode. This one features two friends riding in their natural environment. Enjoy!


A forest covered in snow is an Endless Playground, but it also represents a lot more for me and my riding partner Keisuke Yoshida. Its a place of meditation, home of the spirits, the ultimate playground. Forests are part of our DNA as much as snowboarding.
Keisuke & I from are opposite sides of the world and from very distant cultures, but we have more in common than you might think first. We are born and bread in our respective northern territories, Im from Lapland and Keisuke from Hokkaido. Both of us have been snowboarding most of our lives and enjoy immensly the thrill of riding in the forest. It is almost like our home, a place where we feel most relaxed, calm and content. This edit is all about opening the doors and sharing our home’s with a like minded soul and shred the trees around Arctic Circle and the wilderness of Hokkaido, Japan.

To explain a bit more: “For us Finns forest is a place we go to play, explore, meditate, just enjoy the nature. When I’m strapped in to a board forest turns to an endless playground that I can always find new lines to ride, new spots to jump off and it always packs a ton of surprises, so I have to be on my toes the whole time. Its so much fun!”

Pure snow induced ecstasy.

Hope you liked the first webisode. There is much more to come later this month. In fact Arctic Lights documentary is already in  pre-order from Vimeo on demand.

Release date 29.11.2017.

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