Approach & Attack – Japan Section

Mar 13, 2015 by antti autti Category: Anttisworld 0 comments


End of last year I was reading a story from finnish freeride magazine which was written by one of my good friends.Text was about this new movie project that would never get any prices but is still so priceless for the snowboarding culture.Especially for the finnish one.

This story meant and still means a lot to me because it reminded me about the things that are important in life.Since tomorrow will be my 30th birthday it feels good to point out from experience that special days are the ones that you can spend with your friends while sharing your passion together.

This Japan section from Apporach & Attack is one of those special ones because during the filming I was able to create most precious friendships with people from Minamiuonuma city and especially to TAKUMI NAGAI & his friends. Enjoy!

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