APPROACH & ATTACK : 2 year movie Project

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HERE WE GO. New look for the website and New project.
Together with Northlight Pictures we are going to take this project to next level.

Antti Autti: Approach &  Attack

After two successful movie releases. Antti Autti and Northlight Pictures will begin filming for a two-year project pushing Antti even further to backcountry. It’s time to step it up.

APPROACH & ATTACK is a two-year project including webisodes and a full movie filmed in 7–9 different and unique locations all over the world. The idea is to connect with local riders and guides to approach the locations from their perspective. Ever wondered what the life of Car Danchi in Japan is like, or how are the locals in Alaska able to hit the steep lines with low budget? Soon you’ll find out.

Here is the first of many episodes we are going to release before the movie itself.This episode was filmed during dark and cold but still so beautiful early winter season in Lapland,Finland.

Ruka & Pyha ski resorts.

Eemeli Hepola / PT FILMS
Teemu Lahtinen /

Teemu Lahtinen / Northlight Pictures

Highway Burns – ¨Like dylan¨
from the album: Dirt , Sand and Sleepless Nights (available on iTunes)

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