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Apr 20, 2011 by antti autti Category: Anttisworld 1 comment

Last weekend was my 3rd annual ¨Anttisworld CUP¨ contest in Ounasvaara,Finland.lot of riders showed up for nice kicker , HIP and banked slalom set up

SIMO RAUTAVA , JOEL LAHTI and couple more experienced riders such as Risto Mattila and Topi Tossavainen took part of my contest

I was forerunner during the contest since I think it would be pretty weird to compete at your own contest....I guess I was more like a host.anyways it was so much fun to ride the banked slalom year we are gonna make it even more fun

Miikka Hast rode with good style whole weekend and obviously got the best style award.

Contest video will drop by end of this week

  1. kimmoApril 28, 2011   

    Miikka Hast aka HE-MAN hit`s the lip of the pipe blowing the spray up sky high…

    Surf`s up!

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