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My whole family came to watch the movie! they have been backing me up since the first day I strapped in and started snowboarding.I wanted show the movie first in my hometown Rovaniemi since that´s where it all started!

The man behind the camera and edit of ANTIOUT! TEEMU ¨Laama¨ LAHTINEN and lady friend ULLA. Laama is the man!...

HANS KESTILÄ (left) has some really bangers in Japan part.his girlfriend Helka, harri and ulla tarvainen came to support us as well!

one my best buddies Jiippari surely came to kick some ass in premiere! KINOS 666!

hey have you seen huge backside rodeo! well Enni Rukajärvi (left) does one in ANTIOUT.

The Highway Burns played such a good gig in afterparty!

My girlfriend Ella and her friends came to support our project as well:-)

The ANTIOUT Premiere was sold out!I remember riding in front of 45000 people in Japan and wasn´t nervous at all.but front of 200 people in my hometown I was more nervous than ever.I hope people like the movie.It will be released november 4th in


  1. Anti HaugasOctober 31, 2011   

    Can’t wait for it!

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