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It has been a little over a month since we released Arctic Lights at Vimeo on Demand and it has been an amazing ride so far. Planning-, filming-, editing and releasing it has been almost an overwhelming experience. Mainly all good, but also many nerve racking moments has been part of the process. Now that the biggest heat has eased off and the project is rolling forward on it’s own weight it’s good to look back and open up a bit how we ended up making this documentary.

First off we wanted to step outside the snowboarding scene and really bring more people on the know of what goes through in my life and to a certain extent in the lives of many passionate people. Arctic Lights was from the beginning going to be something for a wider audience, something to help explain what we feel, what we search and yearn for year in year out. Something you could potentially show your grandma and she would get it and yet remain relevant for the ones with the passion, drive or even obsession like me.

Usually I really want to control the process of film making, but this time I had to let go off the reigns. I live inside the box of snowboarding, it is hard to see outside of it. Hence I let Kota Collective full authority on the content, editing process and artistic side. I did pick the locations, but what happened after that was natural: I just did my part and answered questions from the film crew. I had a microphone on the whole time, something I had never ever done before while filming out in the mountains. Soon I forgot about it and all my thoughts started coming out unfiltered, good and bad.

Letting go was hard, scary and something unnatural to me. I was constantly thinking if we are getting enough riding footage, would my partners be happy with it and how would it all end up when the audience would finally see it. So many questions in my mind. I felt vulnerable, open for harsh critizism and for some reason inadequate too. There was moments when I felt that Im risking too much, at weak moments I wanted to start picking up songs and just start focusing on getting shots for a standard snowboarding movie. Take the safe way. Luckily Im surrounded by awesome people who supported me and the project when things were tough.

We jumped out from the box and did something different and I must say I am more than happy with it. With risk theres also a chance for reward and the greatest one is that through the film I have received more feedback than ever before and from a wider audience than I even imagined. By being real, stripping down the illusion of perfection, showing the real conditions and moments we were able to open up the world I share with so many, but which is still so little understood. Hopefully Arctic Lights opened a little crack in our box and is letting out a bright glare to everyone.

For me Arctic Lights is a show of passion, inspiration and will to sacrifice. I hope with it some of our families altogether understand our lifestyle a bit better.

Would be super, if you guys could let us know what you thought of it and if you haven’t seen it yet go and do so right away.

For Finland you can see the film at

For International audience:

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