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  • Thank you Swedish Lapland for amazing times See you soon
  • Blue moment with keisukeyoshida7 in Vassijaure iisakkikennila closersnow haglofs beattheelements
  • Walking in between spring and winter This just might be
  • Todays wave shaped spot was easy to enjoy No wonder
  • Went to a cool spot today Did some snowboarding there
  • Welcome back to Arctic Circle keisukeyoshida7 Lets make this trip
  • Had some real good powder near riksgransense today! Good to
  • This week was all about night shift in superpipe Now
  • Planting the pipe mattiollila closersnow koruashapes madeforturning shredoptics comeshredwithus rukaskiresort
  • Big thanks to rukapark for shaping her for us She
  • Its easter Get out and slash few banks! teemuheljo closersnow
  • What a trip! Already dreaming of new adventure in fjords