5 days in Riksgränsen

May 16, 2011 by antti autti Category: antiout-snowboard-movie 0 comments
I have been filming in Riksgränsen for 4 days now and tommorrow is going to be our last day riding.first day we were riding at the resort and did some fun windlip stuff

This zone is also in Subjekt Haakonsen which pretty much meant that it was first zone I wanted to go.My filmer Teemu knows Riksgränsen area well so he has been great guide for us during this trip

Hike to this spot took us about 20minutes. this zone is full of pretty cool features.windlips,drops and great landings!

I don´t like shoveling at all! I rather ride and hit natural hits but this spot was so cool that we ended up working it allmost whole day.then weather came in but hopefully we are still able to go hit it.

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