Mind Setting in Alaska

Mar 04, 2014 by antti autti Category: Anttisworld 1 comment


Mountains in Alaska are big but so are the coffee cups. Morning without coffee is like winter without snow. I need to get my fix, Darker the better! photo: Matti Ollila


This overcast view pretty much sums up the majority days in AK. Luckily weather can change rapidly and riding in treeline saves a lot too. But I did not come all the way to Alaska for tree riding. photo: Matti Ollila


Constant change of weather can be pain in the butt. But that´s the way it is. Sometimes you score it and sometimes you don´t. If forecast shows partly cloudy it can go any direction. It´s almost impossible to trust weather forecast here. you just gotta go out and give it your best. photo: Matti Ollila


If weather stays good you can find yourself on top of the peak. You just got to prepare for at least 2 to 3 hours of hiking. If your mind is not ready to hike then your body is not either. To me hiking has become fun part of the day. You might not ride as much but most likely the riding you do feels more rewarding than any other riding you have done before. Earn your turns…Perkele! .photo: Matti Ollila


You made it! You are top of your line! Weather is great! No rush , no stress. Here you can take your time. If you feel that today is not the day for the steep run you know there will be super fun one next to it! Good riding is guaranteed! Im here to push my limits but number ONE thing is to HAVE FUN with reasonable risks! photo: Matti Ollila