Arigato Niigata

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Our 10day trip to Niigata,Japan was a great success! Takumi Nagai and his friends guided us so well! everyday we found new stuff that nobody else had never ridden before and each night local hospitality was on point! Next year Im going back to Niigata for sure! Now Im already in Hokkaido...warming up for Car Danchi life:) group photo: Random Niigata man


Niigata Roadside Lines

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Muikamachi in Niigata,Japan maybe has the best roadside spots I have ever been is couple frame grabs! thanks to filmer Teemu Lahtinen who is sometimes shooting with 3 different cameras for capturing all of our action in video and photos.footage from japan is already looking pretty good. here is my midline method from the spot that nobody had ridden before us.

Im so happy that my friend Joel Lahti is again onboard filming for upcoming project! Pillowline near Hakkaisan ski resort.


Best roadside spots ever?

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Past couple days we have been riding roadside in between Muikamachi and Tokamachi ciites. Our guide Takumi took us to some spots that nobody else had never been ridden before. this spine in the middle of the trees is still waiting the right moment but features that I have seen in Niigata roadside are off the hook! P: Teemu Lahtinen