Onboard Mag. Photo Annual Publications

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My buddy Miikka Hast just got the cover of ONBOARD MAGAZINE PHOTO ANNUAL.This photo was taken during the filming for RELATE TO IT in Tamok,Norway photo: Rami Hanafi

This method of me is in the mag as welll. .Picture was also taken in Tamok. P: Rami Hanafi


RAMI HANAFI Nietos Photo Challenge VIDEO

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Few weeks back I published ¨Relate to It¨ interview with Rami.He talked a lot about Tamok,norway and the high potential of the place.This video will show you few of the best photos ever taken in Tamok. thanks to Rami,Miikka,Nicholas and Teemu for being part of this amazing trip to Wild North.Respect to Jarkko Henttonen and Aadne Olsrud who made this session possible. sorry guys commentary is only finnish but believe me this video is worth to watch! photo: Teemu Lahtinen