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My first ever pro model binding.the model has been modified from DRAKE SUPERSPORT and it is called SUPERSPORT A+.super light and great support for riders who love use their edges and go fast!these ones will be in stores this fall


Finally in New Zealand

I made it to New Zealand after 40 hours of travelling.I was happy to see that my boardbag (blue dakine) was waiting to get loaded into plane in Sydney.It always saves lot of nerves when you don´t have to deal with lost luggage

View from plane before landing to Queenstown airport is quite spectacular.the fact that snowline is way lower than last season means that when the next storm hits there is gonna be good base for powder riding in lower parts of mountains as well.

this is my view for next 5 days.Im staying in SnowPark NZ appartments while Im getting my legs back into riding.I went riding today and even thought pipe is still under construction snowpark NZ is better than ever.great place to get my kicks back on after summer vacation.this photo was taken around 7am but surely I was up at 4am since....it´s called jetlag


Lay-over in Hong Kong

Flight from Helsinki to Hong Kong was fully booked...

...But luckily I got upgraded to Bussiness class.there is for sure more room for legs

Sunrise somewhere above russia or mongolia...I don´t know but it looks so nice...

Now Im in Hong Kong waiting for my next flight to Sydney,Australia.another 10 hour flight...but I really don´t care since I just checked conditions for New Zealand and it looks like they are having good amount of snow and more to come.



[vimeo clip_id=”26717406″ width=”480″ height=”270″] ANTIOUT MOVIE is based on travels of snowboarder Antti Autti and friends.movie follows Antti while he is searching new locations to go ride and have fun with his buddies. ENJOY